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The following pictures show samples of my most recent work that I created for local bourbon
distilleries.  I have created
hundreds of designs over the past 15 years.  I can create a custom
barrel head for you, too!  
Contact me for a quote.
Booker's is a single barrel bourbon
available from the
Jim Beam label.  
The image below was computer
generated to give the customer an idea
of what the finished product would look
like (left). - How It's Done!
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This is a checkerboard that I created
Independent Stave Company to
be used at the 2005
Kentucky Bourbon
Festival in Bardstown, Ky.  Below is the
computer generated image, and the
finished product is on the left.
I had the privilege of creating
the commemorative  barrel
heads used for
Jim Beam's 10
millionth barrel celebration.  
Since this was such an
important event, I gave the
customer a 3 dimensional view
(right) of what the final product
would look like
before I
started.  We added the date at
the bottom of the head for the
final piece.
3D renditions
The Jim Beam Company also had
me create custom barrel heads for
their distributors.  I ended up
creating nearly 300 heads for this
Here is some work I created for Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ky.   This is
another beautiful design that looks stunning once the colors are added.  I use  wood dyes
for the color which allows the natural woodgrain to completely show through.
Aaahhhhh, Wild Turkey.  I love working with this
design.  This was created at the request of the
Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
I never know if the woodgrain is going to work
with me or against me, but at the end of the day,
it is truly a beautiful design, especially after the
colors have been added (and the bourbon is
pretty darn good stuff, too!)
This barrel head was created for a private customer.  
The image depicts simpler times with a distillery scene
from the 1940's.  Do you have an image you'd like on
a barrel head?  
Contact me for a custom quote!
Custom guitars
Here is a guitar that I built.   
It features the Statue of
Liberty, an American Bald
Eagle, and the Presidents
of Mount Rushmore.  
Custom guitars
Brady Family Crest
The Brady Family Crest.  I created this one for me
and my family.  The image below shows computer
image of the design.  The barrel head on the left is
the finished product. is ©2007.  All rights reserved.  I am not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the companies listed in this site.
NOTE** I can not burn copyrighted images or designs unless you are the owner of the copyright.   
All barrel head art shown on this website was created at the request of the owner's of the copyrighted designs.
The actual 10 millionth barrel as it
sat at the celebration.